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Maximize Your Exit.

Secure the Business Sale You Deserve

Successfully navigating the complexities of selling a company requires more than just business acumen—it demands deep, field-tested knowledge and a strategic partner who has navigated these waters time and again.



You've poured your heart into building a thriving company.

After years of hard work, sacrifice, and overcoming challenge after challenge, you're ready for the next chapter. But selling a business is one of the most complex transactions you'll ever navigate.

At Formation, our mission is to equip you with the insights, strategies, and support you need to make informed decisions about your business's future. Whether through personalized 1:1 consulting or learning the ropes through our M&A Mastery Program, we provide the tools you need for a wildly successful sale.

Hi, I'm Matt

With almost 3 decades of M&A experience, and the support of an amazing team at Brandywine Mergers & Acquisitions, I’ve guided hundreds of owners to successful exits. I still run Brandywine and will until I sell it and retire in 10 years (yes, I hope to be you one day).

But Brandywine does one thing. It offers full service M&A Advisory services to business owners who are ready to find a buyer and get paid to retire or do something else. 

Business owners hire Brandywine to represent them. To take them to market, to find buyers, to negotiate the deal, and to bring it home. Brandywine does that very well, partly because that’s all Brandywine does. The Brandywine team wakes up and goes to sleep thinking about deals. 

So what about all of the owners and advisors that aren't there yet? That are thinking about getting out but aren’t sure where to start. That have no idea what they’re worth? That just got a call from a private equity group who wants to make an offer? Where do they go? They come here -- to Formation.

They come to Formation when they have a buyer chasing them and need some timely advice.

They come to Formation when they want to prepare properly for the biggest financial event of their life through the M&A Mastery Program.

What is "Formation" and how did its flagship "M&A Mastery Program" come about? 

Well, we had a little downtime during the Pandemic and put that to use. With the help of my son Caelan, a recent Clemson Business School graduate (Go Tigers), I poured everything I know about M&A into the M&A Mastery Program. Building upon many of the concepts I addressed in my book (Straight Talk from the Front Lines) we built two versions of an 8-week mentoring program. One for Business Owners and one for Financial Advisors. 

I had grown tired of watching business owners leave money on the table or waste years of their lives building businesses nobody wants. It’s hard to watch. But here's the kicker ... the differences between highly attractive businesses and ones that sit on the shelf are surprisingly few. And almost all of those gaps can be closed with a little knowledge and a little time. The M&A Mastery Program closes those gaps.

When the pandemic slowed down, we kept the M&A Mastery program going because it works. And since Caelan and our design team built these programs in a state-of-the-art delivery platform, we can now easily impact the lives of business owners around the country. We keep enrollment at around 6 owners / advisors at a time because I personally spend one hour per week with each client. 

It is said that there are 10 million business owners out there that will need to sell in the next 10 years. I can't say if that is an accurate number or not. But there sure are a lot of you out there. And we have come up with several ways of helping you at various times in your journey to the closing table. Please scroll down to see our 4 "Ways to work together".   

Don’t gamble your life’s work on a chance.

What Others Say

” We faced the obstacle of selling a business in a highly risky, ultra-niche space that is affected by seasonality, geopolitical risks, foreign currency fluctuation, supply chain problems, legislative risks, extreme liability, insurance issues, and more. Ours was a highly successful but almost un-sellable business. Despite the challenges, Matt had the patience and skill to match us with ideal buyers, shepherd us through the due diligence process, and get it done.

- Kevin S.- Former Business Owner

” Your technical knowledge and personality made you the de-facto voice of reason throughout. You talked us "off the ledge" when we needed it and kept us focused on the goal throughout. You knew when to challenge the buyers and did so in a constructive way. The negotiations were surprisingly balanced despite the buyer being roughly 750X larger than the seller.

 - George S. - Retired COO

” To me, what set Matt apart is his ability to help you through the exhausting and emotional highs and low of selling. Part financial genius part therapist, he stays by your side through thick and thin at all times of day or night, and most importantly helps you stay true to your goal. And when you finally sell at numbers/terms you thought your buyer would never agree to, he’s the first to remind you how much you’ve earned it.

- Jody C. - Former Business Owner

Ways to work together



M&A Mastery for Business Owners

The 8-Week Roadmap to a Rewarding Exit
You've dedicated countless hours to build a thriving business. Why not dedicate some hours to selling it? Understand the game and win it. Get the reward you deserve for your sacrifices and hard work. 



M&A Mastery for Financial Advisors

Elevate Your Advisory Services
Business sales put money in motion. A business owner client who has had limited investable assets for years becomes your biggest client overnight. Is that luck? We don't think so.

We think that there are some financial advisors who want to be the go-to advisor for business owners. And manage all of that money in motion. We built this program for them.



Consulting Packages

When someone wants you
Serious buyers can show up unannounced. Business owners get offers "out-of-the-blue". It happens. 

You are often in the best position to negotiate price when you are indifferent. When you had not planned to sell.

But time if usually of the essence. You need to assess, discern, and respond to unsolicited offers. Our consulting packages are designed to help you do just that.



Full-Service Representation

The Full-Service Firm for Maximum Value Realization
Brandywine Mergers & Acquisitions sells businesses and has been doing so for a long time. When the planning is done.  When you're ready to sell, on your terms, Brandywine is ready. You only get one chance to show prospective buyers what makes you their must-have next investment.

You’ve done the work to build it … that’s what you do.

Now it’s time to sell it ... that's what we do.


Get Your Copy of Straight Talk from the Front Lines

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Here’s to your next chapter.

However we work together, you can be sure you’ll gain far more than M&A strategies—I will hand you the expertise to transform years of hard work into generational wealth.

You'll receive the tools to:

  • Maximize your company's sale price
  • Attract buyers who appreciate your business's full potential
  • Negotiate deal terms that protect your interests
  • Approach your exit with clarity and confidence

No more second-guessing. No more leaving money on the table. Just the clarity and mastery to secure the exit your years of hard work and dedication truly deserve. People who go through the M&A Mastery program are much better candidates for any M&A advisory firm.

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