It all started when I met Steve...

a recent college graduate trying to keep his job.

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He was one of several newly hired financial advisors at his firm trying to create assets from thin air.

It was not looking good. He knew nobody. He had no experience. But he was smart. He figured that, if he could find business owners in his University’s alumni directory and help them sell their companies, that would be a good way to build his book of business.

One compassionate owner gave him a shot. “OK kid, if you can find someone to pay me $X for my business, you can manage the proceeds”.

Steve found me.

I found the buyer.

Over $10,000,000 was wired from the closing table into one of the first accounts Steve had ever opened.

That was 15 years ago. Steve is still with that firm and he still has that client. How much money do you think Steve has made managing that $10,000,000 (plus his client’s other money) over the past 15 years?

Now, you would have thought that every advisor at Steve’s firm (who were amazed by the way) would try to do the same thing. And you would be wrong. I know hundreds of financial advisors and have consistently encouraged them to do what Steve did. But very few have.


I finally researched the issue and found three things:

  1. 96% of the financial advisors I surveyed believe that financial advisors should play an active role in helping their clients’ plan for the sale of their businesses?


  2. Only 35% of them believe they should play an active role in the actual sale of the business.


  3. Only 50% of them consider themselves “well versed” in the process of selling a business.

Planning is my thing. When it comes to the sale itself... Not my job. Not my strength.

A New Perspective:

Helping a business owner sell their business (really getting involved) is not your job unless you want to manage the proceeds. I assume you want to manage the proceeds. Right? So, getting involved with the sale of the business is your job.

But, don’t worry. Your “job” is a whole lot easier than you might think. Others will be doing the work. You will simply be watching and guiding ... more like a coach than a player. But, to be the coach, you need to understand the game from a player’s perspective. And that is the perspective that we will give you in this program. We will share with you the specific actions that you need to take to master the game and build your business with surprisingly little effort. Step by step. The stuff that matters. The stuff that works. And only that stuff.

The M&A Mastery Program

This High Intensity Mentoring Program is for you whether you are a rookie with no business owner clients or a seasoned veteran with hundreds. The strategies you will learn in this program will be vitally important to your success.

"I have known Matt for many years and have found him to be highly competent and professional.  The M&A Mastery Program continues with those themes in providing me a quality working knowledge to help my clients who are business owners navigate the sale of their businesses."

Frank F., M&A Mastery Program Alumni

I might be interested, what's next?

The 8 Weeks – A Topic Overview

1. Smart Start

  • The Opportunity
  • The Advisor Void
  • Filling the Void

2. The Game

  • Small Business / Large Business
  • What about the Kids?
  • Who's Buying?
  • The Private Equity Phenomenon & The New Exit

3. What's it Worth?

  • EBITDA - The Number
  • Multiples uncovered
  • Do my Clients need to Buy a Valuation?
  • "Real-Time" Pricing

4. The Book

  • Defined
  • Writing It (who does that?)
  • Born From The Deal Room
  • "Best In Class" Must Haves

5. Marketing The Business

  • The Stuff That Sells
  • Fishing
  • Hunting

6. Interfacing With Buyers

  • The CA Dance
  • Peeling The Onion
  • Visits - The Rules
  • The LOI

7. Negotiating and Closing

  • Diligence - The Process
  • Diligence - Your Friend
  • The Document
  • The Other Documents
  • Don't Forget The Schedules
  • Working Capital Schedule
  • Where Are The Wires? (And other closing day fun)

8. Your New Business

  • Building Your Team
  • Defining Your Market
  • Creating Your Brand
  • Your "Fans" Are Here
  • Carefree Marketing
  • Tombstone Time

The 8 Weeks - A Topic Overview

Some Things We're NOT Going To Do...


Make you an investment banker. We are not going to make you a "stand‐in" for the investment banker or business broker your client should be hiring someday. We will make you an informed advocate for your client who can see around the corner. Who holds the other professionals accountable because you know what they are supposed to be doing.

Make you a lawyer. This is not law school. We will review the key documents (real ones) that you should be familiar with. But we will do so using a “cliff‐notes” approach, giving you a critical path list to look for. Everything else, we are leaving to the lawyers.

Make you an accountant. But we will teach you how to price a business in real time. There are surprisingly few numbers that matter in M&A. Our financial primer puts them on one page for you so you can do the same for your clients.

Make you an Exit Planner. This is not a program about exit planning. Exit planning can mean a lot of things. Closing a business is an exit. Giving it to the kids is an exit. If an owner wants to give it to the kids, they don’t need you. You manage money, so we assume the kind of exit you want to know everything about is the one that creates money. Right? So, that is the only one we focus on. 

"Matt Coyne’s Mastery Program is a incredibly insightful and helpful course to learn more about the way businesses are sold. As a financial advisor working with business owners, it is often an area in which we just hope our client will call us and ask us for help. Matt’s program teaches you invaluable lessons on how to help drive the process and become the quarterback of the sale for a client’s company. By implementing the strategies from the Mastery Program financial advisors will create the ability to become the most trusted advisor in the largest and most emotional transaction of their client’s life—something a client will never forget."

Brian C., M&A Mastery Program Alumni

Everything is Laid Out For You

What to do and how to do it. From deciding what owners you want to work with, to getting your clients sold, and then leveraging those sales into a continuum of future sales.

Effective Formula

This format is designed to allow even super busy financial advisors like you to get the skills you need, the marketing help you want, and the results you expect.

Prime Access

You will have live access to us during the program whenever you think you need it. No limit.  And this access will extend for another 10 hours after the initial 8-week prgram. Just book a call and we’ll be there for you.

I might be interested, what's next?

Imagine what your life and your business will look like...

  • When your business begins to grow in chunks.
  • When your clients are happy to refer you and marketing just seems to happen.
  • When you are confidently positioned as that rare expert in a growing and misunderstood niche.
  • When you know exactly the type of business owner clients you want to serve and where to find them.
  • When you can crisply articulate how you change business owners’ lives.
  • When your marketing tasks are easy, effortless, and enjoyable.
  • When you are supported and cheered on by a community that “gets you”.

An Actionable Plan...


This is not your typical educational / training program. Because learning new things does not necessarily change your business or your life. We did not design this program for people who want to learn for the sake of learning. We designed it for people who want to build something for themselves. Who want to learn so they can build. That is why each module will progressively expand your knowledge base, your toolkit, and your business plan. We will give you what you need to know and the tools you need to put what you learn to work. You'll use what you gain in the M&A Mastery Program to ...

    1. Reach more business owners without a huge investment in expensive advertising.
    2. Become known as the “go‐to” financial advisor for business owners in your market.
    3. Start building systems that will support your business as it grows so that you can get up every day knowing exactly how to invest your time, money, energy, and resources to generate results.
    4. Implement a perpetual marketing plan that fits your particular strengths, personality, and preferences and gets you new business owner clients, month after month, year after year.

If this has at all piqued your interest, let’s talk. Please click the button below  and book a call at a time that works for you.

We'll use our time together to answer any questions you might have and to consider together whether or not this program is right for you.

I look forward to speaking with you.

All the Best, Matt Coyne

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